Saturday, April 6, 2013

Calling for an ancient Sesame Street clip

There is a song that I will be singing every time I write a post here.
It's apparently a Sesame Street song, but I never watched it. It was sung to me for the first time a few months after I turned 20 by my recently-wed husband, who sang it while acting out the adorable puppet-y scene.

I want this clip on YouTube, so that you can sing it with me. I might do a video of Roland and I doing the strange melodic cacophony that we do together.

It'ssss... FRI-day
I put on my Friday hat
FRI-day is where it's aaaaaaaaat

And there have been Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Teusday, Wednesday and Thursday versions.
This is a song we sing to each other to psych ourselves up to face the day, armoring ourselves with a little bit of goofy cheer before we go out into the world. It's our longest standing ritual, but it's a little meme that hasn't spread beyond the two of us. The girls have always been completely, irrationally, hostile to the infectious cheerfulness of this song, or admittedly it might have been the aforementioned cacophony...

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  1. I can't help on this, but i understand! The Mickey Mouse show used to have days of the week songs, and i know the Tuesday song because a friend used to sing it to me every Tuesday. I've never seen the show, don't know any other songs, but I can sing the Tuesday song.